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November 2021

​Fred Stapleford

​November's Treat and Trick


December 5th is our Holiday Cocktail Gala at Hartefeld Country Club.  Sign-ups have started and the making of a fabulous event is happening!  

Sign-up now at 

If you have trouble signing up contact Mark Weining at <mark dot pca at comcast dot net>.


November Club Meeting:  

WEDNESDAY 11/17/2021-6pm Skipjacks Restaurant

Please sign up by 11/10/21 so the restaurant will be prepared by contacting Les Clarke.

The current officers are graciously remaining on the slate for another year.  They are: Fred Stapleford, President; Les Clarke, Vice president; Bill Boyd, Secretary; Tom Beane, Treasurer.  According to our bylaws in normal conditions our terms have expired.  But, these are not normal...I consider these as recovery conditions.  There have been repeated requests for new officer nominations and I can say we have at least one member that has stepped up and will be ready for next year.  We will still need someone for President and Vice President.   

The results are obvious but your vote is important.  The results of the vote will become official by a quorum vote at our upcoming meeting.  If you can't attend you are welcome to cast an absentee vote by sending your choice along with your PCA membership number to:  

Our Cars, Coffee and Dry Ice drive was great fun.  Les led a group of us on a scenic drive through Chester County arriving at Leading Edge Autosports in West Chester.  Our thanks go out to Mark of Leading Edge for a great presentation of Dry Ice cleaning.  This is an amazing new process of detailing any area of your car.  He also had a delicious array of donuts from Yori's along with plenty of hot coffee.  We had over 20 in attendance.

Leading Edge Autosport  Leading Edge Meeting

Lower Delaware

Ian McDermott our Downstate Activities Chair reported that there are 26 PCA members on his mailer and it's growing.  Many thanks to Ian for keeping the lower Delaware PCA spirit on the roads.

You can get on Ian's mailer by contacting him at:

I will be attending our Zone 2 Presidents meeting in Winchester, VA on November 5th.  I'm looking forward to bringing back some of the insight shared by other Region Presidents.

Now the TRICK>>>

What's the trick to getting more of our members to come out for meetings?  I realize that the Covid-19 virus is still a threatening factor for all of us.  But, at this time most members have had both of their vaccination shots.  So give it some thought about joining us at our November meeting where we will have our yearly elections.   Keep in mind the slogan of PCA: "fueled by volunteers".

Enjoy the Fall colors.

And remember.....keep the rev's up!  


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We offer many activities for the Porsche enthusiast. Check our events/social! 



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The Delaware Porsche Club and Social Networking:
We will be using the Facebook social network in conjunction with our web site to provide the best information experience for our club members.  Facebook will offer club users real-time access to club notices, events, and updates while allowing all members to communicate with each other.

We have created two methods of access:
1.) We have created a general corporate page called "DelawarePCA". This is accessible from our web site. This page does not require a Facebook account and is visible to anyone. Non-Facebook account holders can view, but not comment or post, to this page. Facebook account holders can comment and post. Please click the "Like" button to have information show up in your news feed.

2.) We have also created a Facebook group called "Delaware Porsche Club". A group requires a user with a Facebook account. The advantages of a group are: Users must join the group before they can participate. Members of this group have the ability to be notified optionally by email and or text message of any changes/additions to the page. This would be very useful for event changes or "spur of the moment" activities. This page would only be visible to members of the group.

The WebMaster,chairpersons and members will keep the pages up-to-date with official info, and users are encouraged to add any information that would be of interest to our membership. Photos, ride reviews, Porsche news, etc. would be appreciated.

Remember "Delawarepca" for Facebook and non Facebook members. For Facebook users search for "Delaware Porsche Club" our Ride-N-Dine, and ask to join.