The Delaware Porsche Club and Social Networking:
We will be using the Facebook social network in conjunction with our web site to provide the best information experience for our club members.  Facebook will offer club users real-time access to club notices, events, and updates while allowing all members to communicate with each other.

We have created two methods of access:
1.) We have created a general corporate page called "DelawarePCA". This is accessible from our web site. This page does not require a Facebook account and is visible to anyone. Non-Facebook account holders can view, but not comment or post, to this page. Facebook account holders can comment and post. Please click the "Like" button to have information show up in your news feed.

2.) We have also created a Facebook group called "Delaware Porsche Club". A group requires a user with a Facebook account. The advantages of a group are: Users must join the group before they can participate. Members of this group have the ability to be notified optionally by email and or text message of any changes/additions to the page. This would be very useful for event changes or "spur of the moment" activities. This page would only be visible to members of the group.

The WebMaster,chairpersons and members will keep the pages up-to-date with official info, and users are encouraged to add any information that would be of interest to our membership. Photos, ride reviews, Porsche news, etc. would be appreciated.

Remember "Delawarepca" for Facebook and non Facebook members. For Facebook users search for "Delaware Porsche Club" our Ride-N-Dine, and ask to join.



We hold a track event for experienced and inexperienced drivers Check our track page for more details:

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Call for volunteers!
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We offer many activities for the Porsche enthusiast. Check our events/social! 

Greetings Porsche Cub Members- 
I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year celebration and the new year brings health and happiness for all.

Now, get ready to start your engines. 2020 is lining up for a great year of events, drives and activities. 

First off, I must give many thanks to Bob Farris our outgoing President. Bob did a fantastic job of convincing me to take the helm for our 60th anniversary year. I’m sure I’ll be calling on Bob for plenty of advice. It will be a challenge to fill his shoes.  
Bob- Don’t leave the area!
JANUARY 15th. kicks off our 60th Anniversary!  We’ll be having our celebration meeting at Porsche Delaware. I can't thank our dealership friends enough for the tremendous support they give our club throughout the year.

6 PM our normal starting time. Alex will reveal some exciting new news!

We’ll have food and drink along with a few giveaways.  

***Please confirm your attendance and how many will join us to our VP:

I'm looking forward to a great turnout!