From Sam Dali:
I received the following from A.I. Dupont Hospital concerning the Club’s participation in the Prom for Patients program.

Dear AMAZING volunteers!
On behalf of Dr. Kolb, Chief Director of the Nemours Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, and the entire Prom Committee we thank you for driving our guests for the Nemours Prom on May 5th. As a first timer, it was breathtaking to see the exotic and vintage cars drive up to the hospital with our patients. You all helped create an amazing experience for our kiddos and we cannot thank you enough for taking your Saturday to truly make a night they will remember. Below is a note from one of our families that sums up how you’ve impacted so many lives. THANK YOU!
To all of you, and others that donated their precious time, we wanted to pass on how grateful our family is for having you all organize and work on the Prom event. Our daughter said it was one of the best nights of her life! She enjoyed the evening with her best friend. They couldn't believe how perfect everything was, from the decorations, food, pictures, make-up, hair, nails, exotic car transportation, the list goes on and on! We are blessed to have our daughter being a part of events like this. Thanks for all of your team's donated time end efforts - SO WELL DONE! – parents of a patient
Please visit to view all the great pictures with your cars and the entire night!
Thank you!
Rose M. Bevilacqua
Nemours Children’s Health System
Nemours Fund for Children's Health
Nemours Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (NCCBD)
Community Liaison
1600 Rockland Road | Wilmington, DE 19803
P: (302) 651-4338 | C: (302) 298-5809
To Donate Now:
Inspiring Generosity for Hope and Healing

President's Message
May 2018 - from Bob Farris

Hello everyone,

I think its finally here, and not a minute too soon, Spring that is. For those of you who weren't able to join us, we had a good, but all too brief day trip to New York for the auto show. There were a number of impressive machines there, including the Porsche GT2, plus you don't get to see a Koenigsegg in the flesh every day. At our monthly meeting at Hartefeld Country Club we had an impressive young man from the Delaware Military Academy, Jacob Byron, speak to us about his dirt track racing, and more importantly about his concerns pertaining to suicide awareness and prevention in high school students since there have been numerous incidents at his school. Jacob, his mother and a family friend/mechanic parked his dirt track car in the parking lot for us to take a look at. Jacob races at the Airport Speedway next to the Wilmington airport in New Castle and has since moved up a class after being named rookie of the year in 2017. We'll probably hear a lot more from young Jacob in the future as his racing career progresses.

Our Historian, AK Kissell has secured the Glass Kitchen for our monthly meeting in May, and is bringing a special "Mystery" guest speaker. George Pearson has also invited Duke Wilford from the Brandywine Motor Club to come speak to us and explain what activities BMC has to offer in the way of auto-crosses and rallies the club might participate in. So mark your calendars, the next club meeting will be Wednesday May 9th at the Glass Kitchen in Newark, DE. at 6pm, the address is: 2466 Pulaski Highway, Newark, DE. 19702.

As Porsche people I'm sure most of us have heard of or seen pictures of the custom Singer Porsches produced in California. Well, right here in Wilmington we have our own unique Porsches being built by "Passion Driven", a company owned by one of our members, Elly Nadot. Elly has graciously agreed to host our club meeting on June 13th at his shop near the Wilmington airport. The quality of their work is truly first rate, and the chief restorer/mechanic is extremely knowledgeable. Since the event will be catered we'll be asking club members to contact Les Clarke so we can get an accurate count. We'll provide the location and other delails as the date gets closer. 

We have two things happening on Saturday May 5th I want to remind you about. Saturday morning, in fact every first Saturday of each month, there will be a Porsches and Coffee get together in Dover, DE at the Panera Bakery @ 545 N. DuPont Highway at 9 am. Drive down and spend time with some of our downstate PCA members, they are an enthusiastic group we need to spend more time with.

One more reminder, later that same afternoon will be the DuPont Nemours Prom with Porsches and other exotic cars chauffering students from Delcastle Technical High School to the DuPont Children's Hospital. Assembly time at Delcastle Technical High School will be 4:30 pm, and there will be police escorts. This will be the 7th year that exotic cars have transported students to the prom. The address for Delcastle Technical High School is: 1417 Newport Road, Wilmington,DE. These children have unfortunately missed their own proms due to illness. If you wish to participate in this worthwhile event contact Jon Walton at -

That's it for now, drive safe, Bob.


We hold a track event for experienced and inexperienced drivers Check our track page for more details:

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from the president


We offer many activities for the Porsche enthusiast. Check our events/social! 

Inaugural “P&C”! by Rick Roll

Thanks to the inspiration and organizing skills of our fellow PCA member Ian McDermott, the inaugural Dover “P&C,” Porsches & Coffee, held on the 24th of February was a huge success despite the damp, foggy, & drizzly weather. Approximately two dozen Porsches, from all three Delaware counties, showed up and since they’re not self-driving as yet, they brought their enthusiastic & gregarious owners along with them. A great time was had by all and the group unanimously voted to make this a monthly event to take place on the first Saturday of each month going forward.

These fun get-togethers will be held at the new Panera Bakery located at 545 N. Dupont Highway, Dover, DE  19901 – 302-672-7079.  There is plenty of parking, excellent coffee & food available, and the first cars normally start arriving around 8:30 AM.

March is right on top of us so our #2 Dover “P&C” will take place on 3/3!

Please plan on joining us and if you have any questions please email Ian at or Rick Roll at

Drivers ED




From our members: check here for articles of interest:

Call for volunteers!
Please express your interest and

email Bob

"GOTSHADE" From Les Clarke:

As you know, GotShade presented their product portfolio to the attendees at our Jan 10 Club meeting.  Following the meeting, they have offered a Special Porsche Pricing Discount for PCA Delaware members. 

Porsche PCA Delaware Members
Just wanted to follow up & extend a thank-you to you & your club for allowing Ron & I an opportunity to present our products to you. Even though I was quite nervous I had a great time talking with all your members, discussing products & getting feedback from them. Please let me know if any of them have questions or need quotes. 

Ron & I also wanted to give your club & it’s friends & family Porsche special pricing for this new ExoShield film installation. Most windshields will cost between $300 & $400 depending on size & complexity, where as the normal cost should be $500 - $600. We also want to offer special pricing for paint protection film installation. For just about any Porsche we want to offer a base price of $850 for paint protection to be installed on the front bumper & a partial kit on the hood, fenders & mirrors. We also have a price of $1600 if someone wants their Porsche to have the full hood, full fenders, mirrors & front bumper installed with paint protection. For the club’s family & friends or just any vehicle that is not a Porsche, we want to offer a $225 discount on a Front Bumper & HFM kit when both are bought together. Again, if anyone has a question about the deals have them call or email me, thank-you :)

Victoria Grazela

GOTSHADEonline, Inc.
1700 Firedancer Lane
Bear, DE 19701

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The Delaware Porsche Club and Social Networking:
We will be using the Facebook social network in conjunction with our web site to provide the best information experience for our club members.  Facebook will offer club users real-time access to club notices, events, and updates while allowing all members to communicate with each other.

We have created two methods of access:
1.) We have created a general corporate page called "DelawarePCA". This is accessible from our web site. This page does not require a Facebook account and is visible to anyone. Non-Facebook account holders can view, but not comment or post, to this page. Facebook account holders can comment and post. Please click the "Like" button to have information show up in your news feed.

2.) We have also created a Facebook group called "Delaware Porsche Club". A group requires a user with a Facebook account. The advantages of a group are: Users must join the group before they can participate. Members of this group have the ability to be notified optionally by email and or text message of any changes/additions to the page. This would be very useful for event changes or "spur of the moment" activities. This page would only be visible to members of the group.

The WebMaster,chairpersons and members will keep the pages up-to-date with official info, and users are encouraged to add any information that would be of interest to our membership. Photos, ride reviews, Porsche news, etc. would be appreciated.

Remember "Delawarepca" for Facebook and non Facebook members. For Facebook users search for "Delaware Porsche Club" our Ride-N-Dine, and ask to join.

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