President’s Message: 
November 2017 from Sam Dali

The election for the 2018 Club Officers was held at our last meeting. The results of the election are:

The days and the daylight may be getting shorter at this time of year but many bright things are happening with your Club.  Congratulations to Mike Holmes, Track Chair and his Track Committee for a very successful, sold out event at our 10th Annual DE Event at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Also, with the help of Mark Loch, leading our charity laps on Saturday and Sunday, over $850 was raised.  We also received a $450 charity subsidy from PCA National, for a total of over $1300. This money will be shared among Bright Focus Foundation and Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

Our last “Pop Up” event was held on October 25, at The Rail, with a great turnout of around 30 people.  All helped me to celebrate my wife, Chris’s birthday by singing happy birthday and enjoying some birthday cake.  Thank you again to the “Pop Up King”, Ron Johnson, Vice President, for his involvement in all the Club’s pop up events this past year.
November 8- Club Night and Election Night
Our next Club Night will be held on Wednesday, November 8, at Hartefeld National, 1 Hartefeld Drive, Avondale, PA  19311.  The meeting will begin at 6:00pm with dinner orders taken at 6:15pm.  The chef has prepared a special selected menu for our Club members.  Election of officers will take place during our meeting.  I hope you will plan to attend and cast your vote for your desired candidate.  Please register at  to attend.  The restaurant needs a confirmed number for table set up. 

The Nominations Committee requested, a short narrative, from the candidates, on why you believe you are qualified to serve in the office for which you are running in the Delaware PCA. 
1. Your recent leadership activities with the LOCAL club.  For example, any events you have led.    Do not include specific event participation. 
2. Your length of time as a member in the Delaware PCA. 
3.  One breakthrough strategy you might propose to make the entire club better
President- Bob Farris
Hello, my name is Bob Farris, and I am very interested in running for the position of Delaware PCA President. Along with my wife Stephanie I've tried to attend as many Delaware PCA events as possible in recent years; helping occasionally to secure meeting venues and speakers, while attending Executive Committee meetings. My membership in the Delaware PCA started in 1986, and while I drifted away for a very brief period to other marques the engineering, styling, and overall performance of Porsches brought me back.  My initial membership in the National PCA goes back to 1977 when I was a  Riesentoter member. Our current leadership has been quite successful in re-energizing the club by engaging in new activities that have proven to be popular. I think these types of events, drive-outs, pop-up events, etc. should definitely be continued, and a small committee within the club could be formed to keep track of new members and encourage their participation in club events to help Delaware PCA continue to grow. Thank you for your consideration, Bob Farris. 
Vice President-Fred Stapleford
Regular attendance at the Exec. Board meetings; Maintain the club calendar; proposed and organized the August club meetings at Schaeffer's Canal House; Proposed to have sign ups for monthly club meetings or activities involving restaurants.  12 years member; 16 years driver.
As VP I will take on a pro-active role to work with the Membership Chairman implementing ideas to introduce and bring new members and enthusiasts into the club. I would also propose that we elect a downstate assistant VP (or other title) to reach out and build a more cohesive bond of the entire state. 
Vice President- Peter Hunt
 I have attended Porsche Parades and have proudly represented the DE Region while at these annual events at which I have volunteered my time for numerous activities. Various items obtained at Porsche Parade were donated to the DE Region to be used as door prizes. More specifically I have volunteered time for DE Region Street Legal and this past month’s Driver Ed. attended Open House at PCA headquarters as well at Tech Tactics hosted by PCA, and a BOSE sound system won as a door prize while at Open House was donated as a door prize at last year’s Annual Christmas Party. Established a Wine society (a chapter of a cross-Canada wine group) that I developed into the largest per capita wine chapter in Canada.  I am a mechanical engineer who loves all things mechanical. Joined PCA in the mid-seventies, since then I have belonged to at least four regional clubs and have participated in a variety of events hosted by no less than eight regions. This diversity of experiences will be used to promote new ideas. Since the early 70s I have owned 11 Porsches, various models starting with a 914, and have dealt with no fewer than 8 dealerships. I was a member of University Sports Car Club and Canadian Sport Car Club. I have recruited a number of fellow Porsche owners living in southern Chester Co to join the DE Region club.  I would encourage DE Region membership to participate in activities in other regions located within a reasonable driving distance, as well as Porsche Parade and PCA Annual Open House. Bring back their experience to our club so we may improve our activities. I would encourage open discussion on club nights with chairs from various committees, explain their duties, and encourage Q&As so our members can better understand what is happening and the details of the events they lead. I would encourage more members to volunteer.  I would ensure all activities that we promote in PCA Delaware are given equal priority and the members get to hear from all chairs at the regular meetings. I bring a perspective that believes in promoting the team concept.
Treasurer- John Reader
My thanks to all the Delaware Region members who voted for me in the last three elections. While treasurer I have eliminated all discrepancies between the checking account and Quicken. I have also developed an open Treasurer’s report that shows all monthly income and expenses.
Since joining the Porsche Club in 1998 I have held several volunteer positions including newsletter editor for three years, secretary for two years and treasurer for three. If elected I pledge to continue with open treasurers reports and I will encourage better relations among the members from the track enthusiasts to the concours participants.
Secretary- Liz Reid
My name is Liz Reid, and I am currently and have been off and on Secretary of Delaware Region for the 17 years that I have been a member of this region. I try to get to as many of our events as possible as I juggle a family and work. I make a point of meeting and greeting new people and sometimes have a little gift for them. My goal is for the region to try to gain members focusing on the younger owners and families so the region can continue to grow and have fresh ideas. My vision is for this region to be active and support Zone 2 activities and have something for everyone with no one feeling left out or overlooked. Thank you for your consideration. 
Secretary- Les Clarke
After being a 17 year Porsche absentee, I became a PCA Delaware Chapter member in 2013; and during the past two years have been invited to attend the Chapter’s monthly Executive Board meetings.  My wife, Paulette, and I have attended a growing number of the Club's excellent social events, participated in the HPDE events, and mostly enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with our Club's members.  During the past 51 years, I have owned and enjoyed driving 7 Porsches.  Among them are 1- 356B, 5 - new or used 911’s of various model years, of which my current driver is a 2013 911S, plus 1 Boxster that is Paulette's daily driver.  Needless to say, I love the cars and their road performance.  The recent 4 years of participation with the PCA Delaware Chapter has only enhanced the enjoyment.  I would like to develop a growing list of active club participants for our social and driver events.  To do so, I will make every effort to grow the number and diversity of events, both social and driving, that would appeal to a broader number of club members.
Upcoming Event-
November 4-5 Southern Trek Overnight Road Trip-  Event Leader- George Pearson, Last minute spaces still available with discounted room accommodations.  If interested, email George at

December 2- Saturday, Annual Holiday Party at Hartefeld National from 6:00pm till 11:00pm-   Our Holiday Party is quickly approaching and we want to make sure you are there to celebrate the Holiday Season with us.  New location, new night and many new surprises.  Open Bar Cocktail hour, great meal selections, many door prizes and a live DJ for your listening and dancing pleasure.  The costs to attend is $65/pp.   Our online registration is active to select your entrée and register to attend.  Entrees include, Filet Mignon, Crab Cakes, Chicken Italiano and a Vegetarian Entrée.  To register click on This is typically one of our biggest events of the year.  We hope to have to have one of the largest Holiday Parties ever.  Don’t miss this over-the-top event.  Register today!
As we approach the month of November I look forward to seeing you at our monthly Club Night  and Elections on Wednesday, November 8 at Hartefeld National and I certainly hope to see you at our Annual Holiday Party on December 2, also at Hartefeld.  Till then…………..
See you on the Road,

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